Yuri Yegorov (1926)

Yuri Yegorov, born in 1926, is one of the most extraordinary contemporary Ukrainian artists. Yegorov studied in Odessa College of Fine Art under T.B. Fraerman as well as at Repin’s and Mukhina’s Art Institute in St. Petersburg.
Known for his Social Realism works, Yegorov, had and continues to have a strong influence on both Ukrainian and Jewish artists in Odessa. Yegorov’s portraits and landscapes depict the real people and surroundings around him. Each of his portraits represents the “whole” person.
Yegorov’s artworks are represented in museums and private collections throughout the former USSR and internationally. Yegorov’s solo exhibitions include:
1961 The Odessa Art Gallery
1976 The Odessa Art Gallery
1977 The Artists’ House Moscow
1987 Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg
1989 Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
1990 Red Square Gallery, London
1991 Red Square Gallery
1998 The Sea Gallery, Odessa
2001 The White Moon Gallery, Odessa
2001 Solo Exhibition “Ten Years On , New Paintings” – The Air Gallery, Mayfair, London W1, England