Volodimir Kabachenko (1958)

Volodymyr Kabachenko was born in 1958 in Nikolayev – a small town in Ukraine. Volodymyr’s artistic inspiration has always been a “Poetic Folk Art”, which he characteristically depicts in his fairy-tale-themed paintings. Through the artist’s paintings, viewers, in a way, become spectators of birds, fish and animals leading human-like lives. From exaggerated images of crows engaging in a conversation to a smart looking fish teaching forest habitats lessons of life, Kabachenko’s paintings are happy images of fictional being enjoyed by different living creatures. His paintings carry a sense of reality, humor and exhilaration, certainly, enriching our imagination in ways that make us think – A fairy tale or a real life?
Volodymyr Kabachenko is a Member of Artists’ Union of Ukraine. His works are represented in museums and private collections throughout the former USSR and internationally.