T.B. Fraerman (1883-1957)

T. B. Fraerman was born in 1883 in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1902 he graduated from Odessa Drawing School under the supervision and guidance of the great K Kostandi. He continued his education in Munchen Academy of Arts and later in Paris Academy of Arts.
In early 1900s Fraerman settled in Paris, where he became an active participant in Parisian Autumn Saloons where he exhibited his early works. He was a close acquaintance of many great artists including Modeglianni and Picasso.
Fraerman’s beloved genre was realism expressed in psychological portraits, landscapes and still life, depicted in oil, quash and water collars.
After the revolution in 1917, an established artist and Professor of art Fraerman came back to Odessa where he taught in several art institutes, raising a generation of talented and famous painters.
T. B. Fraerman died in 1957 as a world-known artist.