Podolsky Art collection has been originated in 1974, in Odessa, Ukraine by Vera Podolsky, a well-known art consultant, and collector. The main theme of the collection was to bring together the most prominent and true artists in a noncomformist art scene of Odessa such as Valentin Khrushch, Valeriy Basanietz, Valeriy Parfenenko among many others. Noncomformist Odessa artists’ thoughts and voices expressed in their works were honest and loud. They created in a variety of styles, each one expressing his or her own perception of times under Soviet regime; Some injected humor, some exaggeration, color, etc., but all were unmistakably united by Odessa’s touch in their works. That original union of nonconformist Odessa artists is now known as The Odessa Group.

Today the Podolsky Art Collection is one of the world’s largest private art collections of nonconformist Ukrainian artists, with over 400 pieces created between 1920s – 1990s and by more than 50 artists.

Here we present you the paintings by the artists from The Odessa Group.